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Crash Tests at JARI this Weekend

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The Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) will have its open days this Friday and Saturday. On both days there will be two full scale car crash tests (lots of damage), two sled tests (cute baby dummies in a child seat), and two leg impactor tests (a cheap car-shaped-object hitting an expensive and squishy leg-shaped-object). There’s also a bunch of other exhibitions showcasing various car-related research done in JARI (driving simulators, electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, etc), including things to keep kids amused.

The child seat sled tests are at 10.15am and 1pm each day. A full schedule of the full scale car crashes are as follows:

10.30am – Car [50km/hr] vs. Rigid Wall [0km/hr] Crash Test
2.30pm – Car [30km/hr] vs. Bicycle (with dummy rider) [15km/hr] Crash Test

10.30am – Car [30km/hr] vs. Bicycle (with dummy rider) [15km/hr] Crash Test
2.30pm – Car [50km/hr] vs. Rigid Wall [0km/hr] Crash Test

In order to see the test, please arrive at the times given above, as the tests begin shortly afterwards. After the tests you can inspect the damage and view the tests in slow-motion on the high-speed video

JARI is located along Tsuchiura Gakuen road, about 2km west of Tsukuba Center. There is also an entrance from Kenkyuu Gakuen Station on the Tsukuba express line. (map)

More instructions (in Japanese) on the JARI website.

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