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Cafe Noir Opens Tomorrow

By Avi Landau


Every day can be exciting if you live in Tsukuba. One reason for that is that new places to eat are always popping up at various locations around town. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a very soon to be opened (tomorrow, April 16) cafe, which will serve up some fine varieties of coffee and home-made cakes, along with some other exotic and wholesome offerings which will be part of an expanding menu.

The name of this new establishment is Cafe Noir and it is located off the beaten path in the Green House Lodge in Shimohiratsuka, just across the street from the Tsukuba Ham Restaurant. It can seat 12 customers at 6 small tables inside a cool, Scandinavianesque interior, with wide window views out to the Ibaraki countryside. All drinks are 500yen and you can choose from the special Noir blend, Guatemalan or organic coffee from Costa Rica. You might also want to try the supremely sour organic iyokan juice (a type of citrus) which will surely drive any drowsiness you might have away.

The daily set lunch features Ghanaian food with bread, salad, etc and can be had for 850yen.

Cafe Noir

The proprietress Yo said she wants to create a comfortable space to slowly enjoy coffee , perhaps with a book, with natural greenery just right in front of you. Her husband a sociologist who studies rural development, has many contacts with farmers, and she hopes to incoroprate their unique and fresh produce in the dishes she serves.

She will always be playing Jazz , Bossa Nova and soft Latin music.
Tuesdays are off.
11am to 7pm

Bon appetit!

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