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March in March

Join ‘March in March’ Next Sunday and make history!



At 1pm on Sunday March 9, 2008, hundreds of foreigners and Japanese people will gather together in Miyashita Park near Shibuya Station. We will march around Shibuya, including past Shibuya Station, in a protest parade to demand job security and equality for all.

This is the 2008 March in March organized by the Foreign Workers Steering Committee (Chair Ippei Torii).


Taminzoku Japan (multicultural Japan) is already a reality. It’s time to demand equality for foreigners, disabled, women and workers of all employment types. Together, let’s build a healthy society based on cooperation and compassion not on unfair competition.


You can make an enormous difference just by showing up. If you run a rights organization or a website, please post this message and ask your members to turn out Sunday and turn up the volume. Let’s raise our voices together. If you are a media organization, please come and convey our demands to the public.


Thank You and See You Sunday!

Louis Carlet
Foreign Workers Steering Committee
March in March Officer


For questions, please call me at 090-9363-6580 or email me at


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