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Volunteer to Interpret at a Triathlon

If you can speak Japanese and at least one other language and you are looking for something to do between April 8th and 15th, read on:

This is Matt Topping, CIR for Ishigaki City in Okinawa, announcing the start of the Interpreter Volunteer Program for the 2008 Ishigaki World Cup Triathlon. The triathlon is a world-class competition with athletes from over 30 countries in attendance. We are looking for volunteers that have a strong command of Japanese as well as another language. Many of the international athletes can speak English, but it is highly likely that we will also need translation/interpretation in languages such as Chinese and Russian. Come down to subtropical Okinawa in April and participate in a great exchange opportunity.

The triathlon will be held April 13th, and the volunteer program April 8th-15th. For more information, please visit http://triathlonvolunteer.blogspot.com.

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