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Free Japanese lessons at TGU

[ This class has already reached maximum enrollment. Thank you. – Feb.20, 08 ]

Tsukuba Gakuin University students, who are studying to be Japanese language teachers, will be offering free Japanese course for non-Japanese speaking residents of Tsukuba. This course will be an ideal course for stay-at-home parents of preschool-age kids who are 3 years old and older because another group of students at TGU will be offering free exercise course for preschool-age children while their parents take the Japanese lessons! These students are the ones who contribute wonderful Japanese language articles to the Alien Times every month, so I am very sure that those who take part in this course will have fun learning Japanese!

Applicant eligibility: Resident of Tsukuba who can read Hiragana. Please note that priority will be given to those who are from non-Chinese character (kanji/漢字) cultural zones.

たのしく日本語を学ぼう 日本語教室のお知らせ

いつ:2008年3/3 3/5 3/7 3/10 3/11 3/13 全部で6回
だれに:日本語初級の外国人 ひらがなが読める人

筑波学院大学 金久保紀子

Let’s learn Japanese with univ. students!
Tsukuba Gakuin University are going to have Japanese language class on March. Intstructors are all students who expect to be Japanese teachers.

Date&Time:2008年3/3 3/5 3/7 3/10 3/11 3/13 Total 6days
Place:Tsukuba Gakuin University (Tsukuba Azuma)
Level:Beginners with Hiragana reading skill
Contents:Japanese daily conversation
You can come with your kids( Three years old or more).
We prepare Kid’s exercise class(insurance\500)

Feel free to send us an email. kanakubo[at]tsukuba-g.ac.jp
We will have briefing on February. Contact us before Feb. 25
KANAKUBO Noriko @Tsukuba Gakuin University

[ This class has already reached maximum enrollment. Thank you. – Feb.20, 08 ]

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