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Are Trains and Buses Running?

Tsukuba is having a rare snow day today. Since it doesn’t snow a lot in this area of Japan, a little bit of snow can make it difficult to get anywhere. Trains are often delayed or stopped and buses sometimes can’t run in the snow. If you are planning a trip and you want to know how the weather is going to affect your journey, please check the following pages. The pages are in Japanese, but when something is wrong, it is usually written in red (or bold or something) so you should at least be able to tell whether your chances of making it to your destination are good or bad without being able to read the page.

  • Tsukuba Express
    If everything is ok, it will say 「平常通り運行しております」.
  • Tokyo Metro
    If everything is okay, it will say 「現在、平常どおり運転しています」. If there is something wrong, it will be written in red. The lines are written in this order: Ginza, Marunouchi, Hibiya, Tozai, Chiyoda, Yurakucho, Hanzomon, Nanboku. 一部直通運転中止 means some trains are not running.
  • JR East

    If everything is okay, it will say 「現在、平常通り運転しています。」. Possible problems: 遅延 = delayed, 運転見合わせ = waiting for a decision, 一部運休 = some trains are not running, 運休 = trains are not running

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