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YMCA Day Care Accepting Kids

The YMCA recently contacted Alien Times to ask us to let foreign parents know that they are accepting children into their day care program.

Eligibility: Children who are three years old as of April 1, 2008 (limited to 28 children)
Location: Ibaraki YMCA (24-7 Higashi Arai, Tsukuba), their sister organization “YMCA Child Care Home” is located next door
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Time: 9:30am to 12 noon (From October, they eventually start to bring lunches and can stay until after 1pm.)
Fees: 25,000 yen entrance fee (one time), 30,000 yen activity fee (one time), 24,000 yen monthly fees (except August). Total yearly cost: 264,000 yen

If the child takes a holiday from the day care, the parents will still be expected to pay a portion of the fees. Also, there are some programs that siblings may attend, but parents will be expected to cover the costs for the sibling.

There are three terms and the program runs for a total of 39 weeks. There are special activities on Saturdays during the terms.

The program includes two qualified child care workers, a physical education instructor, assistants, and student volunteers. There are always at least three adults taking care of the children. The day care also organizes interviews with the guardians of the children.

It is possible to communicate with some of the day care staff in English. They also have activities for elementary school students, including an after school program, camping, day camp, etc.

Please see the Ibaraki YMCA website for more information and feel free to call them or email them in English if you have any questions.

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