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Sound Gazette Charity Concert

If you are in town this weekend and are looking for a special event, how about a jazz concert? A Tsukuba and Ushiku-based amateur big band called Sound Gazette will hold a charity concert again this year to raise money for すぺーす結(Space Yui). Space Yui is an Ushiku-based welfare group for children with special needs and their parents in southern Ibaraki. It offers opportunities for about 70 members to get together and exchange information. Space Yui also publishes newsletters and provides counseling services for families who are taking care of children with special needs. Kanji for Yui (結), by the way, means to knot, tie, or unite.

Annual Sound Gazette Christmas Jazz Concert 2007
December 23, Sunday
Doors open at 6:30PM, Performances start at 7:00PM
Admissions: Free, but donations accepted for Space Yui

Space Yui website
Sound Gazette website

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