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Namiki Internal Medicine Department Clinic

If you haven’t got your flu shot yet and are still looking for a doctor, I’d like to recommend 並木内科クリニック(Namiki Naika Clinic, or Namiki Internal Medicine Department Clinic) on the second floor of the Namiki Shopping Center in Namiki (MAP).


Namiki Naika Clinic is a new clinic that opened this spring along with the reopening of the Namiki Shopping Center. Dr. Ishihara who runs the clinic grew up in Tsukuba. He graduated from the Azuma Elementary, Takezono Higashi Junior High School, Tsuchiura Daiichi High School and Tsukuba University, and … best of all, speaks English! He told me, with a shy smile “I only speak broken English so I don’t know how much I can be of help to foreign patients, but I’ll do my best to help them.” (I’m sure he was just being modest.)

Dr. Ishihara and the nurses were all friendly, and I was very surprised when one of the nurses offered me a cup of hot tea! I was completely wowed by their “customer service” because I’ve never been to a doctor’s office that serves hot tea to its patients.

Dr. Ishihara’s also been offering AED (automatic external defibrillator) sessions almost every month for the community. The next one will be held this Friday, December 14, from 2 to 3PM. Please call the clinic if you are interested in attending.

By the way, I’m sure you’ll enjoy chatting with Dr. Ishihara if you have a great love for rugby because Dr. Ishihara posts announcements and tips on his Japanese blog, but most of his posts are on rugby!

Clinic Hours:
Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat: 9AM to Noon and 2PM to 6PM
Wed/Sun and holidays: Closed
Phone: 029-869-6969
Website: http://www.namikinaika.com/index.html

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  • RrFish says:

    The cost of flu shot at Namiki Naika Clinic is 2630yen (tax included) this year. I got my flu shot at Teshirogi Clinic last year, and it was 2500yen. I don’t remember if that was tax included price or not.

    The cheapest price I heard this year was 2000yen per shot (but that may be the type of shot you need to get twice).