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Children’s Club After School

If your child is going to elementary school next year, and there is no one to take care of him or her after school because both parents are working, a “Children’s Club” could help you. Children can play and study with friends at a Jidoukan (児童館, children’s hall) or elementary school. There is at least one teacher with the kids.

Children: elementary grades 1-3
Fee: 4000 yen/month
Club Time: Monday to Friday after school until 18:00 (National holidays: 8:30 to 18:00)
How to apply:

In case of Public Children’s Club:
You can download the application form and fill it out, then you can submit it to the Jidoukan that which you wish to use. You have to submit the form from 17th December to 18th January next year.

If you would like Private Children’s Club, you can ask how to apply by phone from 15:00 to 18:00.

City Web Site ( in Japanese):


Also, there is some information about Children’s Clubs on this page.


Public Clubs (place, address, phone number, how many children) Map
Kukizaki (茎崎)児童センター   Oguki(小茎)1793    029(840)1321   30
Takezono Higashi (竹園東)児童館  Takezono(竹園)3-18-1   029(851)5802   30
Takezono Nishi (竹園西)児童館   Takezono(竹園)2-19-2   029(852)5039   40
Azuma Higashi (吾妻東)児童館   Azuma(吾妻)4-12    029(852)7858   30
Azuma Nishi (吾妻西)児童館    Azuma(吾妻)2-5-4   029(851)8141   50
Kokonoe (九重)児童館     Uenomuro(上ノ室)2094   029(857)4631   30
Sakae (栄)児童館       Yokomachi(横町)127-4   029(857)4206   30
Namiki (並木)児童館     Namiki(並木)4-2-3   029(851)5331   45
Ounan (桜南)児童館     Namiki(並木)4-7-3   029(858)0791   40
Teshirogi Minami (手代木南)児童館 Matsusiro(松代)4-15-1   029(852)0670   50
Matsushiro (松代)児童館     Matsusiro(松代)2-21-2   029(855)6110   40
Yatabe (谷田部)児童館    Yatabe(谷田部)4715   029(836)0611   40
Ninomiya (ニの宮)児童館    Ninomiya(ニの宮)4-9-2  029(855)6091   50
Yoshinuma (吉沼)児童館    Yosinuma(吉沼)814-1   029(865)2070   30
Kamigou (上郷)児童館   Kamigou(上郷)2270-1   029(847)5546   30
Higashi (東)児童館      Higasi(東)2-24-1    029(851)4801   40
Ozone (大曽根)児童館    Ozone(大曽根)447-3  029(864)0181   50

Private Clubs (place, address, phone number) Map
Shimana elementary school club
(島名小学校児童クラブ)   Shimana(島名)537-1   080(6577)2163
Katsuragi elementary school club
(葛城小学校児童クラブ)   Karima(苅間)689    090(1849)8067
Numasaki elementary school club
(沼崎小学校児童クラブ)   Numasaki(沼崎)1408-2   029(847)2887
Mase elementary school club
(真瀬小学校児童クラブ)   Mase(真瀬)2103    090(4610)7523
Imakashima elementary school club
(今鹿島児童クラブ)   Imakasima(今鹿島)1761   029(847)4061
Onogawa elementary school club
(小野川小学校児童クラブ) Tateno(館野)443-1   029(836)6659
Kukizaki Daiiti Children’s club
(茎崎第一児童クラブ)  Takasaki(高崎)1873    029(872)2866
Kukizaki Daini Children’s club
(茎崎第二児童クラブ)  Simoiwasaki(下岩崎)2116   029(876)4100
Azora Children’s club
(あおぞら児童クラブ)  Simohiratsuka(下平塚)886-1  029(856)9696
Wakaba Day Care Children’s club
(わかば保育園児童クラブ) Yatabe(谷田部)2061   029(838)0808
Minori Kindergarten Children’s club
(みのり幼稚園児童クラブ) Takasaki(高崎)643-9   029(873)2540
Sakura Children’s club
(さくら学童クラブ)   Ueno(上野)1302    029(863)0053
Kaname elementary school club
(要小学校児童クラブ)  Kaname(要)449-1    029(864)0571
Maeno elementary school club
(前野小学校児童クラブ)  Maeno(前野)1367    080(3399)0471
Yatabe Minami elementary school club
(谷田部南小学校児童クラブ) Sakaida(境田)191-1   080(1363)3330

Happy New Year!


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