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Tsuchiura Curry Festival

The fourth Tsuchiura Curry Festival
November 23, Friday*
From 10am to 3pm
Venue: Kawaguchi Undo Koen in Tsuchiura City (MAP)
*Nov.23 is 勤労感謝の日(Kinroh kansha-no hi, or Labor Thanksgiving Day), which is a national holiday

Come and enjoy various Tsuchiura curry and rice! First 100 people get a free ticket to try out one of many Tsuchiura’s original curry dishes!

Tsuhicura is trying to revitalize the local economy and is promoting itself as a カレーのまち(City of Curry) since the City served curry with local potatoes to the Zeppelin crews when they stopped at an airport by the Kasumigaura Lake in 1929 (read “ The Day Graf Zeppelin Landed in Tsuchiura” by Tim to learn more about this historic event).

The kinds of curry you’ll see at this festival aren’t just regular Keema Curry, Pork Cutlet Curry or any other curry dishes you might’ve seen. The curry-loving locals like students and homemakers came up with curry dishes with Tsuchiura or Ibaraki specialties such as local brand pork or beef, Japanese sweets, and 蓮根(ren-kon or lotus root)!

There are free parking lots but the spaces are limited. There are many municipal pay parking lots around the JR Tsuchiura Station. The festival venue is within easy walking distance of the Station.

Festival flyer (pdf)
Tsuchiura Zeppelin Curry website (Japanese)

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