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Restaurant Review: MaMaYa

You may have heard of the phrase, “ofukuro no aji” before – in a nutshell, it means mother’s taste, or ‘home-cooking.’ This is the kind of food you can find at MaMaYa, a tiny shop located in Ninomiya, just in front of Backyard Cafe.

The owner is a friendly woman who serves daily teishoku lunches for 1050yen. The set includes all sorts of homestyle foods which come one plate at a time, ensuring fresh and hot dishes! A typical course includes: rice, some miso or other soup, grilled vegetables, simmered vegetables, tofu and meat dish, and/or seasoned sauteed vegetables. The menu depends on the season and basically what is available…rice plus soup plus 5 or more small side dishes, definitely not your typical teishoku. The deluxe teishoku includes a big sashimi seafood rice bowl or grilled fish, for 1380yen and includes coffee.

The foods are made with fresh rice, natural sea salt, quality Akita miso, and locally produced fresh vegetables. The owner is proud of her chemical-free, additive free cuisine and hopes that customers will go there to enjoy good food for the mind, body and soul.

Oh, it must be noted that the place serves great anmitsu, a typical Japanese dessert! Lunchtime is from 12:00 to 15:00…dinner is kind of short, from 15:00 to 19:00, reservations are recommended but not required.