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Residents’ Day and “Nenrin-pic”

Did you know that a national health and welfare event for seniors, “Nenrinpic*” will take place in Ibaraki this weekend? Nenrinpic first took place in 1988 and is coming to Ibaraki for the first time! Various sporting and cultural events will take place from November 10 to 13, and senior athletes from all over Japan are coming to Ibaraki.
(* I think the name “ねんりんピック(Nenrinpic)” was coined from a Japanese word for annual growth ring(年輪/nenrin) and Olympics.)

Tsukuba, for example, will be the venue for
– soft-tennis and soft volleyball tourneys for seniors (Doho Park),
– senior art exhibit (Tsukuba City Art Museum),
– medical and health care products exhibit (Epochal Tsukuba),
– fureai (something like “bonding”) festival (Epochal)
– health festival (Epochal)
Please see this page for the information for other venues.

BUT, Nenrin-pic isn’t just for old folks!
Here are some “Fureai Festival” events at Epochal:
Nov. 10, Saturday
NACK 5 public recording

Do expect the crowd if you are planning on spending time around Tsukuba Center area tomorrow because a popular radio station in Saitama called NACK5 (79.5FM) will do its public recording from Epochal Tsukuba, and their guests are an extremely popular duo called Chemistry, a popular pop singer Ami Suzuki and Biyuuden (must be a new female singing trio). The doors open at 12:00, but get there early if you want to get in.

Nov. 12, Monday
Sugiyama Brothers Shows
from 11am and 2:30pm
They are well known “bubble” artists! Visit their website for images from their shows.

Nov. 13, Tuesday
Azumi Inoue Conerts
from 11am and 2:30pm
You might go, “Who’s Azumi Inoue?” but chances are, you’ve heard her voice if you love Hayao Miyazaki anime. She’s the one who sang “Totoro,” “Kiki” and “Laputa” songs!

You might be wondering why some events are going to be held on weekdays. Well…, it’s because this weekend is actually a big weekend for Ibaraki-ans because…
November 13 is Ibaraki Residents’ Day!
If you have kids who attend public schools, the schools will be out.
(November 14 is Saitama Residents’ Day, by the way.)

From Ibaraki Prefecture website:

This is the day for the residents in Ibaraki Prefecture to think about Ibaraki’s history and to work for the development and progress of our prefecture by enhancing our awareness of autonomy. On July 14, 1871, an imperial prescript of “Haihan-Chiken” (the establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains) was proclaimed and 305 prefectures were established in total. On November 13 of the same year, the prescript was revised and the number of prefecture was reduced to 75. 11 prefectures were established in the Kantō region, and Nihari-ken, Inba-ken, and Ibaraki-ken were placed in the area that now Ibaraki-ken. Connected with the fact that the name of the prefecture, Ibaraki-ken, was first adopted at this time, this day was established by “Regulation to Establish Residents’ Day” (Ibaraki Prefectural Ordinance #3, March 30, 1968) in 1968, the 100th year from the first year of the Meiji period.

To learn more about Ibaraki, please click here.

On November 13, the admissions to many prefectural facilities and commercial facilities will be free, a half-priced or discounted!!

Admission free facilities are, for example;
Ibaraki Nature Museum
Kamine Park
Asakusa Hanayashiki (Nov.7 to 19)
please visit this site (Japanese) for the list of other facilities and events.

If you are planning on going to Tokyo Disneyland or sea, you might want to get there soon because you can purchase specially priced tickets during “Ibaraki Weeks (Oct.30 to Nov.13, Nov.10 excluded).” You will have to buy tickets in advance, but doing so is easy since you can buy tickets at JR or TX stations and Lawsons in Ibaraki. Regular ticket prices are 5800yen for adults, 5000yen for junior and high school students and 3900yen for kids over 4y.o., and specially priced tickets are 4800/4300/3400yen.

Have a good weekend everyone :)

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