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Parking at Narita

It is quite easy to take the bus to Narita airport, but some people prefer to drive, either because they don’t want to wait for the bus or because they need to get to the airport before 8am (when the earliest bus arrives) or they are likely to miss the last bus from the airport (which leaves at 8pm) on the way home.

There are lots of parking lots on the drive up to Narita, so you won’t have a problem finding a place to park. If you want to be certain to get a spot, though, you should probably make a reservation. I generally use one of the USA Parking lots as they seem to be located closest to the airport. They have a number of different options, and the price depends on how much pampering you want. Types A, B, C, and D will have you park your car at a lot and take courtesy buses to and from the airport. Type E will have you park your car at the lot on the way there, and then have the car brought to you on the way home. Type F is the most luxurious, and it will let you drop your car off at the airport and have it brought to the airport on the way home. Of course, the price increases as you add more bells and whistles. Reservations can be made through the USA Parking website.

Once you have made your reservation, you might want to have a look at Prima Cabina’s empirically determined faster route from Tsukuba to Narita.


  • Vivian says:

    If you work it out, it is often even cheaper to leave your car w/a parking service rather than taking the highway bus. USA parking is okay, but we usually use Sky Parking due to its speedy service and excellent customer service. Also, make sure your cellphone still has enough battery power so you can call the company to pick you up when you’ve come back to Narita!

  • Shaney says:

    Hi Vivian,

    Do you have any other details about Sky Parking? I have never heard of it.

    That is a very good point about making sure there is enough juice in your battery when you get back. My cellphone sometimes can’t hold its charge over a long period, so by the time I get back, my battery is often dead. Fortunately, there are cellphone shops in the airport that will let you charge your phone. Or you can just plug your phone in at the store and make the call. If you store a charger in your car, you can charge the phone the rest of the way on the drive back to Tsukuba.