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Make-Your-Own Solar Heater

It’s getting rather chilly in Tsukuba these days, especially in the mornings and evenings, so I find myself thinking a lot about ways to stay warm — without (1) going broke, (2) causing more damage to the environment, and (3) dying of kerosene fume inhalation.

I found this video on Lifehacker, a website that offers (generally technological, but not always) tips on how to improve your life. The video explains how to make a solar heater out of a foam board, lots of pennies (would 10 yen coins do?), black spray paint, and plexiglass.

I am definitely tempted to try this, as it seems to fulfill all three of my above requirements. I am not very handy with building things (other than websites), but even I should be able to manage this project!

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