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Ibaraki Tumbler at Starbucks

If you’ve been in Ibaraki for long time (or is ‘too long’ more appropriate?), and have ran out of the souvenir/gift ideas, how about an “Ibaraki” tumbler to take home this holiday season? I learned about this tumbler on this Japanese blog: 茨城団塊ジュニアのブログ~いばらきR30~ (Ibaraki Dankai Junior’s Blog- Ibaraki R30)

The “Ibaraki” tumbler has Ibaraki written on it in Roman alphabet with the images of Japanese plum, samurais, Japanese architecture and crests of hollyhock.


Please visit Ibaraki Dankai Junior’s Blog- Ibaraki R30 to see bigger images of this tumbler.

For those who don’t know;
– Japanese plum (梅/ume) is Ibaraki’s prefectural tree
– Crests of hollyhock or “triple hollyhock”(葵の御紋/aoi-no gomon) is the family crest of Tokugawa Shogun family. One of the Tokugawa Shoguns, Tokugawa Mitsukuni is a very loved character who governed Mito Han (水戸藩). The author of Ibaraki R30 thinks the Japanese architecture on the tumbler is the image based on one of the buildings in Kairakuen in Mito City. The image of samurais is more than likely the Mitkokomon (Tokugawa Mitsukuni) and his followings.

Mon (crest) from Wikipedia
Tokugawa Mitsukuni from Wikipedia

Ibaraki tumblers are available at Star Bucks Coffee stores in Ibaraki.

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