A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Ibaraki Police Report: Elderly in Accidents

According to the Ibaraki police, eight elderly people were killed in accidents in November. Six of the eight people were walking or on a bicycle. The accidents often happened at intersections and during the evening hours.

If you are walking or cycling, wear bright clothing and some sort of reflective device. (You can buy a reflective sash at the 100 yen shop in Dayz Town.) Make sure your bicycle has a light, and always stop first and check carefully before preceding through an intersection.

If you are driving, be sure to turn your lights on early (before the sun sets), and lower your speeds. Keep a special eye out for pedestrians and cyclists.

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  • dimaks says:

    another thing that bothers me is that, there are these people, usually young ones who do not seem to care about right of way. they just drive right straight towards your way no matter how you stay on your lane.