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Clean Tsukuba By-Law

The Clean Tsukuba By-Law came into effect yesterday (November 1, 2007). Here are some of the rules that we now have to follow.

1. Littering
It is forbidden to litter anywhere within the city. Punishment: official warning.

2. Pet Droppings
It is forbidden to leave pet droppings anywhere within the city. Punishment: official warning.

3. Graffiti
It is forbidden to deface anything within the city with graffiti. Punishment: official warning, possible misdemeanor.

4. Printed Matter
It is forbidden to distribute printed matter and not clean up the area where it was distributed. Punishment: official warning to the person who distributed the printed matter, or the person who ordered the distribution.

5. Smoking While Walking
It is forbidden to smoke while walking in designated areas (anywhere within the area enclosed by Kita Odori, Minami Odori, Nishi Odori, and Higashi Odori, anywhere near the Tsukuba Express stations [Tsukuba Station, Kenkyu Gakuen Station, Banpaku Kinen Koen Station, Midorino Station], the road on Mt. Tsukuba starting from the big, red gate).

6. Outdoor Advertising
Outdoor advertising is subject to laws and regulations.

7. Bicycles
Bicycles must not be abandoned within the city. Abandoned bicycles may be removed in accordance with the Tsukuba Abandoned Bicycles By-Law.

8. Land Management
Land must be managed in accordance with the by-law.

In addition, companies that operate vending machines must provide litter bins, attach reflective stickers, and assign someone to be responsible for dealing with litter.

Source: Tsukuba City Newsletter, November 1, 2007

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