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The 100th Kasama Chrysanthemum Festival Starts This Saturday

The 100th Annual Kasama Chrysanthemum Festival starts this Saturday. The Kasama Inari Shrine’s Chrysanthemum Festival first took place in 1908, making it the oldest chrysanthemum festival in Japan.

The 100th Annual Kasama Chrysanthemum Festival
October 13, Sat. – Nov. 25, Sun.
Kasama Inari Shrine area – free
Cchrysanthemum doll exhibition area – 800yen for adults, 400yen for elementary and junior high school students
free area: 6am to closing
chrysanthemum doll exhibit area: 8:30am to 6:30pm

Some of the other events held in Kasama this fall:
Shogo Kariyazaki* flower arrangement show and talk show
Oct. 21, Sun.
Time: ?
Venue: Kasama Inari Jinja (shrine)
*Shogo Kariyazaki is a very famous and extremely popular flower arrangement teacher. To visit his website, click here.

Yabusame, or Horseback Archery
Nov. 3, Sat. From 10am and 2pm
Venue: Kasama Inari Jinja and a street by the Kasama Elementary

Takumi-no Matsuri (pottery fair)
Nov. 1, Thur. – 4, Sun.
Venue: Kasama Geijutsu-no Mori Park(MAP)

Kasama Inari Jinja (English)
Alien Times – Kasama City

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