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Restaurant Review: Ali’s Kebab

Blizzardboy (whom we are going to have to recruit as a TsukuBlogger, I think!) has written a review of Tsukuba’s most famous Iranian restaurant, Ali’s Kebab. Actually, as BB points out, the restaurant is in fact in Tsuchiura, but it used to be in Tsukuba (from what I hear, they used to have a food van in the Amakubo area), so I still think of it as Tsukuban.

The restaurant is located on Higashi Odori, south of the pink pedestrian overpass (Sasagi intersection, where Higashi Odori and Route 354 intersect.) Keep going south on Higashi, past the sports stores on your right (Alpen, Xebio), and go under the Joban Expressway overpass. You will then see a Jomo gas station on your left. Ali’s Kebab on the left-hand side, just past the Jomo, across the street from the Kanto Bank. Bamiyan is just south of Ali’s. If it comes up too quickly before you can make the turn into the restaurant, just turn left at the intersection after Bamiyan and double back until you get to Ali’s.

The address is Tsuchiura-shi, Nishine 1-2-20. Click on the address to see a map (in Japanese).

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