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Police Warn People About Recent Chainmail

Ibaraki Prefectural Police warns people about the recent chain e-mails

I didn’t think this was relevant to the foreign community since the contents of those chain e-mails are in Japanese, but I now feel that I should warn Tsuku Blog readers about those e-mails because they have prompted many people in the area to inquire about them in the local message boards, mailing lists, and even in my work message board.

The “basic” content of the recent chain e-mails is something like this:

A small child who went to the rest room alone at XX (a name of the actual grocery store or other shopping facilities) in XX (the name of the actual city), XX (prefecture name) was assaulted (in some versions, sexually assaulted). Do not let small children use public bathrooms alone. This is important, so please forward this message to many people immediately.

There are many variations, but one variation I’ve seen went on to say that a toddler ended up having her uterus removed due to the injuries she received. I’ve seen other sick contents, but all I can say is that some sick people are enjoying their literary talent too much, I guess.

I totally agree about not letting small kids go use the public rest rooms alone, but the recent chain e-mails just went too far. Area police stations are flooded with inquiries regarding those chain e-mails. However, the Ibaraki Prefectural Police states on its website that it has not received any report on the cases mentioned in those chain e-mails, and they are asking anyone who know about that crime (if it ever happened) or the recent chain e-mails to come forward with the information.

According to ひばりくん防犯メール (Skylark Crime Prevention Mail), the similar e-mails went around last year. So now you know!

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