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Okonomiyaki shop review

When you just don’t feel like making it from scratch at home…

I don’t know about you but I often get disappointed when I go to an okonomiyaki shop which does everything for you – that and I get impatient waiting for my order.

At Gojya okonomiyaki restaurant, they do all the hard work (cutting ingredients, measuring mixing them precisely…adjusting the taste) but you can enjoy savouring the best parts: cooking and eating it!  One great benefit of cooking it yourself is that you can control the final texture – while some people like well-cooked Japanese pancakes, others like it somewhat soft and moist.

Gojya is reasonably priced, even at dinnertime (um…sorry, I mean only at dinnertime – it is not open for lunch!).  The okonomiyaki entrees run from 700-something yen to 1000-something yen.  (sorry, I forgot the specifics!)  They have interesting side dishes much like those that are found at Japanese izakayas (pubs)…I really enjoyed the fried head of garlic with miso dish…that and tuna+mentaiko topped salad!  The portions are perfect and my grapefruit juice was in a generously sized glass. 

Many families and couples go there so it is best to make a reservation before you go!  From 6pm the place starts filling up rapidly.  While we were there a good 3-4 groups of people were politely turned away(lack of free tables).  We concluded that Gojya is popular due to its reasonable prices, speedy service and excellent staff – surprisingly attentive and extremely polite.  The restaurant is located next to another favorite restaurant of mine, Raja Indian curry restaurant.  NOTE: be sure to call before you go because their holidays are a bit irregular.

Information: http://www.okonomiyaki.jp

Gojya restaurant, Ninomiya 2-2-3, 029-851-8906

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