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KVA Festival: Japanese Education Exhibition

Here’s the detail of “日本語教育の部屋(Japanese-Language Education Room)” mentioned in the October issue of the Alien Times (please see ‘Tsukuga Gakuin University Events.‘)

Hi, there!
We are students at Tsukuba Gakuin University who are studying Japanese Education. Our college festival, KVA Festival will be held on October 27th and 28th. We are designing the Japanese Exhibition for the festival. Why don’t you join us?

You can…
*learn various languages such as Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Brazilian and so on.
*check if your Japanese is correct or wrong.
*see our teaching materials.
*experience some Japanese culture such as nurie (coloring line drawings), origami and so on.
*get information about Japanese Education.

Day: October 27th & 28th
Time: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Place: Tsukuba Gakuin University (3-1 Azuma, Tsukuba, Ibaraki)

If you have some questions, please e-mail at kanakubo[at]tsukuba-g.ac.jp (KANAKUBO Noriko).
We are looking forward to seeing all of YOU!

For other KVA events this year, please visit ‘Global Communication Movie Party.’

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