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City to issue “English” license plates starting Nov 30

Tsukuba City will seize on its 20th anniversary and introduce “English” license plates for small-sized special motor vehicles* and mopeds starting November 30. The City hopes to boost its image as an “international city,” and hopes that the new license plates will also contribute to local revitalization and local tourism. The new license plate is not mandatory, so you can keep using the current one.
*The vehicles with engine displacement less than 125cc and special vehicles such as farm machinery.

Here’s what the new license plate will look like (screen shot of the city website):
You can apply at Tsukuba, Taiho, Sakura, Toyosato, Kukizaki and Yatabe Offices (or you can download this page here).

Download the list of things you need to bring to the city hall when applying for the new license plate here.

By the way, Narita City started issuing the E-license plates for mopeds last November, so some people criticize the Tsukuba City for “trying to be Narita and trying to just ‘look’ like an international city.” Some people, on the other hand, pointed out that “Tsukuba” on a license plate will remind them of “Tsu**ya,” a book store we all know, or “Tsubak*” a very popular shampoo name. LOL

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