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A TV drama filmed in Tsukuba to be aired tonight

I know this is short notice (The Tsukuba Film Commission didn’t announce this until today!), but the TV drama that was filmed in Tsukuba, or to be specific, at Takezono Nishi Park, Takezono 3-Chome neighborhood, a Chinese restaurant in Akatsuka area, Shimo Hirooka area, and Namiki 3-Chome, will be aired tonight from 9pm.

The name of the drama is “自販機男(Jihanki Otoko or the Vending Machine Guy)” which is a part of “世にも奇妙な物語 (Yonimo Kimyou-na Monogatari) Fall Special Version.” Yonimo Kimyou-na Monogatari is a very popular omnibus series which started in 1990. It usually gives the viewers the bizarre (奇妙な) short stories that are just way too weird to be true, but still make you think, “hey, wait a minute, it could happen for real!” Yonimo Kimyou-na Monogatari is like the omnibus of urban legends, in a sense.

It looks like that “Jihanki Otoko” will be the 3rd story in tonight’s “Yonimo….”

世にも奇妙な物語 (Yonimo Kimyou-na Monogatari) Fall Special Version
October 2, Tuesday from 9:00pm to 11:24pm
Fuji TV (or Channel 8)
Tsukuba Film Commission’s announcement
(Japanese, but you can see the pictures)

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