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Where are you from? [Fall ’07]

Just wondering where you, TsukuBlog readers are from.

The list of countries in this poll is based on the information on this page.


  • Natalie says:

    Your list of countries seem very limited–that might be why 8 votes went under ‘other’. How about Canada, England and Australia? Or is it possible to click other and type in the country name?

  • RrFish says:

    Hi Natalie, thanks for your comment!

    Yeah, it’s very limited, but it’s based on the actual population ratio of Tsukuba. The data in the page I referred to above is 2 years old, but it hasn’t changed much I think. I thought listing all 20 countries would be too much…. I may list all 20 the next time I do this poll.

    >Or is it possible to click other and type in the country name?
    Yes! You can enter the name of a country in the “brown bar” below “other.”

  • RrFish says:

    I tried “flash method” instead of the javascript version I have now, but I don’t know why we can’t view the result for “other.”
    Here’s the list of other nationalities entered under “other” so far:
    – New Zealand
    – Italy
    – Canada
    – Iran
    – France

  • RrFish says:

    This poll will be closed on October 15.

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  • Natalie says:

    Wow 28 people clicked ‘other’ which is 50% of the vote. Where are they from?