A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Typhoon Warning

The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued a weather advisory for southern Ibaraki in connection with Typhoon Fitow, which is expected to reach Japan on Thursday. We may be faced with heavy rain, thunderstorms, and flooding. Please pay close attention to the weather over the next couple of days and if it looks like it is going to start raining, do not venture out until you are certain that it is safe. If you have a bicycle, you might want to lay it down on the ground instead of standing it up, as it may blow over and get bent out of shape or damage other property. (One of my bicycles was completely destroyed by a typhoon a couple of years ago.) Also, if you have pets, you might want to consider keeping them inside.

Keep an eye on the Japan Meteorological Agency website or search Google News for “typhoon” for up-to-date information.

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