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Tsukuba’s Vegetarian Restaurant Ritz’n Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Here is a special message from Ayako Komine, a staff member at Ritz’n.

Our shop “Ritz’n” is a natural goods shop as well as a vegetarian restaurant all under one roof. We are going to celebrate our 7th anniversary from September 15 to 17, just before “Be Kind to Animals Week in Japan” (Sep 20-26). Please come and join us!

We will hold the following special events.

In the Restaurant

September 15 to 17: Special Macrobiotic Menu
We will serve a special tofu menu (1,680 yen) produced by Ms. Chiwako Okubo, an instructor from the Kushi Macrobiotic Institute of Japan.
Starters: Deep-Fried Tofu Marinated in Vinaigrette Sauce, Green Vegetable with Mustard and Soy Sauce, Pumpkin Salad.
Main Course: Ganmodoki (Fried tofu ball mixed with vegetables) with Kuzu sauce.
Rice: Sticky Rice with Walnut and Carrot
Soup: Clear Soup with Takigawa Tofu Noodle.
Dessert: Sweet Black Rice Soup with Tofu Dango Dumpling
Bancha Tea

September 16: Fresh Soba
Mr. Doi, a proficient soba chef from Mitsukaido city will give a soba-making performance and serve fresh soba noodles. Fresh soba (buckwheat) noodles with side dishes (1,260 yen).

In the Shop

September 15 and 16: Bach Flower Remedies Consultation
Bach Flower expert Mr. Yabuki will ascertain which flower remedies will suit your needs.

September 17: Homemade Organic Soap by Junoka
Junoka’s soaps are all handmade and free from chemicals. Their fragrance and colors are amazing and changing seasonally. Please find your favorite one.

September 17: Cartomancy and counseling by Mr. Hikaru Kondo
500 yen

Outside of the Shop and Restaurant

September 15 to 17: Ritz’n Farmer’s Market
A small market outside of the restaurant. We will sell:

  • organic vegetables from Mr. Matsuura’s farm in Ishioka and Mr. Nagai’s farm in Kukizaki
  • organic tofu by Inamoto Tofu shop (free from GM beans)
  • organic breads by Backerei Brotzeit, Tsukuba
  • organic jams by Kisetsuya
  • “Nukazuke” Japanese Pickled Vegetables (100yen/100g)
  • fair-trade coffee by Namioka Coffee Shop: Their coffees are organic and fair-trade certificated ones from Brazil and Ecuador. Please sit back and relax with rich aroma of fresh coffee
  • vegetarian lunch boxes for take out: We have vegetarian lunch box (Brown rice with side dishes), Hie/Takakibi Don (Brown rice topped with grain/millet loaf), Vegetarian Burgers and Curries

September 17: Quick Shiatsu Massage by Mr. Koichi Kusakawa
Mr. Kusakawa’s massage not only makes you relaxed, but also helps you find out what is wrong with your body. You can also consult with him about your health problems (500yen/5min).


Natural Goods Shop and Vegetarian Restaurant
747-84 Kamihara, Tsukuba, Ibaraki
Tel: 029-856-0009
Website: http://www.ritzn.jp/
Closed on Monday (When Monday is a national holiday, the shop is closed on Tuesday.)

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