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Tsukuba Schools Information Sessions in October

> Meikei Gakuen High School
Open Campus Day*

October 20, Satuday
From 10:40am to 12:30pm
* This information session is for children who are in the 4th and 5th grades and students who are in the junior high schools. Must apply between 12:00pm on October 1 and 6:00pm on October 10.

Meikei is a prestigious private school that is known for its support programs for returnees. The school puts strong emphasis on English education and global understanding. Meikei also has its own art and other programs that public schools don’t have. The school holds an art exhibit at Tsukuba City Art Museum and brass band concert at Tsukuba University every year.

> Namiki Secondary School (Opens next Spring)
Information session for 5th graders and their parents
October 27, Satuday
First session: 9:30am to 11:00am
Second session: 11:30am to 13:00pm
Enrollment limit: 811 parent-child pairs (1622 people) each session.

Apply through your child’s school. 5th graders in public schools in Ibaraki have received a letter about these information sessions a few weeks ago. Please contact the Namiki Secondary School preparation room ASAP if you and your kid(s) are interested in attending the session. The sessions are for “5th graders and their parents”, so participants are required to attend the session in parent-child pairs. The October 27 sessions are for 5th graders and their parents only. No exceptions.

The information sessions for 6th graders were held last month. The last time I checked, there will be an open house next year.

Click here to view the brochure for this new school.
Please also see “Tsuchiura Nihon University Secondary and a new school in Namiki” for your reference.

From the Namiki High School website:
Namiki High School will change to Namiki Secondary School in 2008. The secondary school unifies the lower and upper secondary school education and allows students and parents/guardians to select a six-year consistent course. It gives the students the advantage of a continuous six-year study plan. According to this, we can greatly enhance a student’s individuality and creativity or cultivate his/her rich humanity and sociality among the different aged students.

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