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Tsuchiura Takigi Noh


“土浦薪能/Tsuchiura Takigi Noh” will be held on September 26, Wednesday. 薪(takigi) literally means firewood. Takigi Noh is the Noh played outdoors in the evening with 篝火(kagari-bi, or balefire/bonfire) lights.

能(Noh): “葵上 古式(Aoi ue koshiki”
狂言(Kyogen) : “蚊相撲(Kazumou)”
To learn more about Noh and Kyogen, please visit this website:
能楽 NOH & KYOGEN – An Introduction to Noh and Kyogen

亀城公園*(Kijo Koen/Park), which is within walking distance of the JR Tsuchiura Sta. ( “A” on this map).*Tsuchiura Civic Center in case of rain
Date and Time:
September 26, Wednesday, 6:30PM

5000yen for reserved seats, 3000yen for unreserved seats
FREE for standing room! However, non-ticket holders won’t be able to watch the play if the venue is moved to the Tsuchiura Civic Center.

Ticket offices:
Tsuchiura Board of Education, Tsuchiura Civic Hall, Tsuchiura City Kijo Plaza, Sunpal Nagasaki-ya (a shopping mall outside JR Arakawaoki Station) Information Booth, Ticket Pia at Tsuchiura “Wing(a shopping mall outside JR Tsuchiura Station),” Yuhodo Book Store in Azuma, Tsukuba(029-852-3665), Bookstore in “Escard Ushiku(a shopping mall outside JR Ushiku Station”

Notes:No photographing or videotaping.

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