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Search for Books in Tsukuba Public Library through Amazon.co.jp

When you find a nice book on Amazon.co.jp, you may instantly click on “Add to Shopping Cart”. But wait! The book may be available at a library nearby.

The following user java script adds the search results of the Tsukuba Public Library database on Amazon.co.jp pages (see the screen shot below). You can directly go to the search result page of the library from the Amazon search results.

CLICK HERE to download the user java script to add Tsukuba Public Library Search on Amazon.co.jp (or save it by right clicking).

Screen Shot:

In order to use this java script, you need a user java script engine.

For Internet Explorer 6:

  1. Download “Trixie”
  2. Install it
  3. Copy the user java script into C:\Program Files\Bhelpuri\Trixie\Scripts
  4. Restart Internet Explorer and access Amazon.co.jp

*I haven’t tested it but IE7 Pro should work for Internet Explorer 7.

For Firefox:

  1. Download the “greasemonkey” add-on
  2. Install it
  3. Drag the user java script and drop it into Firefox
  4. Press the “install” button
  5. Access Amazon.co.jp

Save money and enjoy a frugal life!


  • This script searches for an ISBN code on the Amazon page and hands over it to the book search system of the Tsukuba Public Library. Therefore, if there is no ISBN code on the Amazon search result, it will not work.
  • In order to borrow books at Tsukuba Public Library, you need to have a membership at the library. You can sign up for a membership at the main counter of the library in about minutes (you will need your alien registration card or another certificate to prove that you are living/working in Tsukuba).
  • You can reserve books through the website only when the book on the search result is currently being borrowed by someone. When it is returned, library staffs will keep it at the counter and the system will send you an email. You can just tell a library staff that you have the book reserved. Please note that you cannot reserve the book in case nobody is currently borrowing it. It means the book is available at the bookshelf.
  • And also remember, before starting to use the online reservation service, you need to register your email address on the library website.
  • Use Trixie, IE7 Pro, greasemonkey and this user java script at your own risk. The author assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage resulting from the use of these applications.