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Kitchen Supplies in Tsukuba

If you are looking for kitchen supplies in Tsukuba, you might want to try Oritomo. Here is what Christine found when she was in the market for some martini glasses.

Oritomo is a kitchen supply store mainly catering to businesses. I went to look for martini glasses, but stayed for the meat grinders and cotton candy makers! They have a large variety of baking necessities such as molds and pans of every size as well as a number of small appliances. I found some good quality knives and an excellent array of other tableware. The prices are a bit higher than what you would pay at, say, JUSCO, but the items are clearly of a much higher quality.

Here are the directions Jon gave me that got me there easily:
Go south on Higashi towards Joyful Honda. At the intersection of Higashi and Noda-sen (354) there is a beige pedestrian bridge. Continue south on Higashi to the next light. Turn right (Alpen sports will be on your left and an Eneos gas stand on your right) and go to the next light. Oritomo will be diagonally to your left.

I even received a gift of 12 rolls of bathroom tissue for having visited the shop!


  • RrFish says:

    According to the Joyo Living newspaper, Oritomo will open a new shop in Matsushiro tomorrow! I’m not that familiar with Matsushiro area, but it looks like the new shop is near the Steak Restaurant Asakuma, or across the street from Masuda grocery store.

    Oritomo Matsushiro Shop
    Address:Tsukuba City, Matsushiro 1-13-7
    Hours: 8:30am to 6pm
    Phone: 029-828-5444

    If you make a purchase of 2000yen or more, you’ll get a roll of Halloween-themed bathroom tissue.

    Oritomo stores’ Fall Thanksgiving sale is from October 3 to 5, and you’ll get 10% off from all regularly priced items.

  • Vivian says:

    The Matsushiro one is quite nice – I just visited. There is also one near Tsuchiura. They have a website if you want to order goods online.

    For similar things you can always go to KAPPABASHI in Tokyo, the mecca for kitchenware lovers.

  • RrFish says:

    Kappabashi Shoutengai(shopping streets) are holding its festival this week, and it goes on until October 8, Monday. All the stores are doing “big sales” all week! I don’t know the specifics, but there are events like Japanese drum performances during the festival, and some stores will hold 90% off sales.