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Ishioka Festival this weekend


From the festival flyer (English):

Ishioka Festival (Hitachi Soshagu Annual Festival)
The festival originated in the Genroku of the Edo Period for praying for the well-being of one’s family and their good health has been supported and popular among people. It is called one of the three most popular festivals in the Kanto area. The portable shrine in the high social status parades in front followed by about forty magnificent ‘dashis’-floats and ‘shishis’-wooden lion head and wagon covered with long festival cloth with wheels on/ More than four hundred thousand people come to see it during the period.

For the festival schedule, please click here.

You can view the images on the Ishioka City website:
神輿(mikoshi)/portable shine
獅子(shishi)/wooden lion head,
or on the
Hitachi Soshagu Shrine website.

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