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Having a Hard Time Reading Some Kanji?

Try going to http://www.rikai.com and using its helpful tool. The tool is especially useful for determining the meaning of some unknown Chinese characters. It can go both ways: Japanese –> English or vice versa. I am sorry to inform some of you (Japanese readers) that it works better from Japanese into English than the other way around. That and it probably works best for those whose Japanese level is intermediate or higher.

You can either plug in a website address or some text and the mouse pointer automatically defines some kanji. Just point and read! I often use it to read domestic news in Japanese because Japanese news translated into English often lacks essential details or at times, juicy background information!

You can even use this to ‘cut and paste’ messages sent from Japanese friends or colleagues. Because rikai.com is not a translating machine like Babelfish (Altavista), there is much less room for error. Try it out when you have the chance! I hope it makes your life in Japan a little easier.

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