A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Fall Event at Hirasawa Kanga

The Hirasawa Kanga site is a reproduction of some of the Tsukuba County government buildings as they were in the Nara and Heian eras, more than a thousand years ago.

On October 21, 2007, a cultural event will be held at Hirasawa Kanga from 12 noon to 5pm. (This event will be cancelled in the case of stormy weather.)

Stage Performances
1:30 to 2pm
Nihon Gagaku (traditional Japanese court music) performance

2:10pm to 2:40pm
Nihon Buyo (traditional Japanese dance) performance

3pm to 4:30pm
Ocarina (Peruvian wind instrument) performance

Also, there will be an open market (12 noon to 5pm), guided tours of the ruins (12 noon to 3pm), and illuminations (4pm to 5pm).

If you have never been to Hirasawa Kanga, this is a perfect opportunity to get a feel for the place.

Source: Tsukuba City Hall Website

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