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Determining Your Location in Case of Emergency

The Tsukuba Fire Department has installed a system that will show your location if you place a call to 119 from a cellphone or IP phone. This system will come onboard as of October 1 and will only work with third
generation cellphones (ones that can handle high speed data) and IP phones with numbers that do not start with 050. If you are calling from a cellphone, the Fire Station will be given information about your current
position. If your cellphone can handle GPS data, the positioning data will be more precise. If you are calling from an IP phone, your registered information (name and address) will be shown.

In some cases, it will not be possible to get information that is good enough for the Fire Department to locate you, so please answer the questions of the emergency operators if they ask for more information. If you dial
184 before dialing 119, you can block your position information from being shown. However, if the Fire Department determines that the situation requires knowledge of your position, they can extract such information even if you dial 184.

Source: Tsukuba City Hall Website

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