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Summer Events at the Geology Museum

Have your kids (or you) ever found a cool rock or cool geologic formation in one of their outings? Have they ever brought cool rocks and pebbles home as memorabilia? Have your kids bugged you because they wanted to learn more about their cool rocks and pebbles?

Well, if your kids (or you!) are still wondering about their rock collection, the Geology Museum will be there to help you next week. Their annual 夏休み地球何でも相談(Summer Vacation Question and Answer Session) will be held on August 25, Saturday, and the experts will be there to answer your kid’s questions. This is a perfect opportunity for kids to finish up… or work on their “last minute” summer science projects.

Summer Vacation Question and Answer Session
is from 9:30am to 4pm, and is completely free.
No pre-registration required.

Other events are:
Fossil Cleaning on August 24, Friday
From 9:30am to Noon*
* This means that the registration starts at 9am. Since this event is limited to first 60 kids, try to get there early. There will six 90-minute sessions, so if you don’t get there early (but are lucky enough to get a spot), you and your kids may end up waiting for a couple of hours.
What I recommend doing is to get there early and pick the time that’s most convenient for you or for your kids, and come back about 10minutes before the session starts because sometimes the sessions start early.

Special Exhibit: 三宅島火山(Miyakejima Volcano)
July 21 to September 24
View the poster here

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