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Pension Payment Refunds for Returners

Some of you may have received bills for your pension payments this past week. If this is the first time you received such a bill, perhaps you don’t know that when (if?) you return to your home country, you can apply to get some of the money that you contribute to the Japanese Pension Fund refunded.

This is known as a “Lump Sum Withdrawal Payment”.

Please see: Social Insurance Agency: Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payments and this one too

Once you get a refund of the lump sum (a few months after applying for it), you can then apply to get a refund on the tax you paid on your pension. However, this entails having someone with a bank account in Japan to receive the money on your behalf and then send it to you, so you will have to ask someone who is going to remain in Japan to help you with that part.

You will need to do some preparation before you leave Japan in order to receive this refund, so keep this information in a safe place and remember to start working on it at least one month before you leave.

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  • Dan Waldhoff says:

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