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Momoko House

I didn’t intend on going to this restaurant in order to write up a review but ended up doing so because I thought some people might be interested in such a place.

Momoko House, is a casual restaurant located somewhat far away from Tsukuba Central (close to Yatabe city hall). They specialize in Japanese-style Western foods, such as: hamburger steak, cabbage rolls, doria, gratin, spaghetti, and so on. For the sweet tooth in you, they have plenty of desserts in a glass showcase near the entrance.

It is a little similar to Westhouse restaurant but somewhat quirkier – the decor is made up of quilted goods and somewhat frilly. Even the rice served is in the shape of a ‘kawaii’ heart. That and the food seems like home-cookin’. For those with a hearty appetite, you might want to order the mentaiko pilaf or giant doria (white sauce and cheese covered fried chicken+rice…definitely not for dieters!).

So if you are not on a diet and crave some generously sized dishes, why not head out to Momoko House?

Hours of operation: 11:00 to 22:00 (THU off, LO@21:00 )

More details can be found on their website!


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