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Finding a Place to Park Around Tsukuba Station

With the installment of a new system recently (please see “Watch where you park!“), it has become even harder to find a place to park around Tsukuba Station. Those who didn’t want to get ticketed but still didn’t want to pay for the parking have flocked to the area businesses with parking lots during Matsuri Tsukuba last week. It wasn’t hard to see this coming, but Dayz Town, a shopping mall near the station has started charging for its parking spaces. You can still park free in their multistory parking garage, but you’ll be charged 100yen per hour or 2000yen per day if you park directly in front of the store. You’ll get a couple of hours of free parking if you make a purchase there.

Most of the parking facilities around Tsukuba Station are run by Tsukuba Urban Transportation Center or TUTC, and they are all open 24 hours. You can look at the map of their parking facilities here. The orange spot on the map is the TX Tsukuba Station, if you can’t read Japanese. Parking fee is 220 yen for the first hour and 110yen for additional 30 minutes. Fees for people who park for over 10 hours and up to 24 hours is 2200yen, so it’s quite expensive. There are a couple of parking facilities run by private companies that charge only 1000yen a day, but they are still very expensive compared to other parking lots near other Tsukuba area TX stations.

Parking facilities around Kenkyu Gakuen and Banpaku Kinen Koen Stations, for example, charge anywhere from 300yen to 600yen a day. So parking near those stations may be able to save you lots of money if you are heading to Tokyo from Tsukuba, for example.

One of the solutions to all these parking hassles would be the improvement of the other public transportation system, yes, the buses. Kanto Tetsudo doesn’t seem to be very enthusiastic about providing more local bus services, but Tsukuba City will start a new “Tsuku Bus” route from September 1. I will post the information regarding this new route as soon as I get the new route map. Please see: Gakuen Minami Junkan – a new Tsuku Bus Course.

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