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Mokuzougan: Intricate Artwork Made of Wood

Inlay is a kind of artwork that involves inserting pieces of coloured materials into depressions in a base object to form patterns or pictures.

An artist named Sadao Takahashi has a wooden inlay exhibit and shop at Seibu this weekend. Mr. Takahashi takes pieces of wood and fits them together into marvelous works of art. He even uses the natural grain of the wood to artist effect, as you can see in the sky in the image below, which shows a toad in front of Mt. Tsukuba. The artwork starts out as a piece of wood about 1cm thick and then it is sliced until it is almost as thin as a piece of paper.

Wooden Inlay of Mt. Tsukuba by Sadao Takahashi

If you have some free time this weekend, please go to the 5th floor of Seibu (where Muji and the bookstore are located) and seek out Mr. Takahashi.