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Tune Up Your Warble…

The Tsukuba Cultural Foundation recruits choir members for the “Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony concert”, which will be held on Dec.29 at Nova Hall, Tsukuba city.

Lessons for the members who sing “DAI-KU”for the first time have started already, but you can still join. Coaches are Japanese, and lessons are also done in Japanese only, but you sing in German.

Lessons are on weekends (mostly 7pm-9:30, once a week) at a local Tsukuba community center. (Takezono, Oho, Yatabe, etc) Participants should pay 5000yen to the Tsukuba Cultural Foundation at Capio.

For more details, please contact: Tsukuba Cultural Foundation 029-856-7007

Tsukuba City Government 029-836-1111 (5152)

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