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The 26th Ushiku Kappa Festival this weekend

The annual うしくかっぱ祭り (Ushiku Kappa Matsuri) will be held this Saturday and Sunday. The festival’s main streets are the Hanamizuki Street and the Chuo Street (MAP), and these streets will be closed to cars from 3pm to 9pm on both days.

For this year’s festival website, please visit:
You can download the program here (pdf)

Event Schedules:
[Both Sat. and Sun.]
From 12:30pm
Events and activities for kids : (venue: a park by the Ushiku City Hall)
Hook and ladder truck display : (venue: the City Hall premises)
– If your kid(s) is brave enough, then she/he can look down at a festival from the top of the ladder! There are also some activities like “learn how to use the fire extinguisher.”
From 2:30pm:
Live Music Performance Schedule (venue: festival main stage)
From 4pm and 5:10pm :
Kid’s Parade and Kappa Bayashi Odori Parade (main parade)

Some events on Saturday:
Bingo from 1:30pm
Watermelon eating contest and lemon soda drinking contest from 2pm
Festival Opening Ceremony from 3:30pm
Kappore performance from 4pm
Concerts by various artists from 5:30 to 8pm
Ushiku Kappa Daiko (taiko drum performance) from 8pm
Cleanup time from 8:30pm

Ukelele concert from 1:30pm
Dance performances by various groups from 2 to 3:30 pm
Festival Opening Ceremony from 3:30pm
Traditional festival music performances from 4 to 5pm
Cleanup time from 5 to 5:30pm
Ushiku City Wind Orchestra performance from 5:30 to 6pm
Cleanup time from 8:30pm

Parking and Shuttle Bus information
Free shuttle bus services from the following parking lots will be available between 3pm and 9:30pm on both days(MAP).

Hitachino Ushiku
– Free shuttle bus to/from Ushiku City Hall leaves every 15minutes
– Free shuttle bus to/from Ushiku Station Higashiguchi leaves every 20minutes. Stops at Midorino Chuo Bus Stop.
– Free Shuttle bus to/from Ushiku Station Nishiguchi leaves every 15minutes. Stops at Kariya 4-Chome Bus Stop.
– Free Shuttle bus to/from Ushiku City Hall leaves every 30minutes. Stops at Danchi Chuo Bus Stop.

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