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So you think you can “food fight”

In Japan, “food fight” doesn’t mean throwing food at your classmates It means eating something in a competitive setting, and occasionally, the competitive eaters are referred to as “food fighters.”

One very famous Japanese “food fighter” would be Takeru Kobayashi, who competes in the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July hot dog eating competition. However, as many of you know, his record was beaten by Joey Chestnut of USA this year.
Nathan’s Famous official website
Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest (wikipedia)
Watch Takeru Kobayashi and Sonya Thomas, a Korean American “food fighter” compete in this credit card ad

Another competitive eater you see often on Japanese TV is “Giant Shirota” of Tochigi. He’s a tall, soft-spoken guy, and his good nature made him very popular.
Giant Shirota Blog

Well, guess what.
You have a chance to meet him…, better yet, compete with him!!

There’ll be eating contests from 2pm at Creo Square Q’t as a part of their summer festival on August 11, Saturday, and Giant Shirota will be there to compete! The event organizer is accepting applications until August 4, Saturday, so if you think you are a big eater, download the application(pdf) form and send it in!
Tsukuba Creo Square Summer Festival page

Participation Fees:
Number of Participants:
10 each for
1. Curry and Rice eating competition
2. Snow Cone eating competition
1. Must be over 15 y.o. who is in good health, and must have confidence in consuming a lot of food
2. Must not be a competitive eater, professional or non-professional
3. Must not be pregnant, ailing, or allergic to some food
4. Must have the guardian’s consent

The event organizer will screen all the applications and contact only the ones who passed the screening after August 5.

As you can see on the Tsukuba Creo Square’s summer festival page, there will be a yukata contest on August 18, Saturday from 5pm. The deadline of this competition’s application is August 11.

The winners of these two competitions will receive 10,000 yen gift certificate and all the participants will receive goodies.

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