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Schedule for Shrek3 at Cineplex Tsukuba

OK, Tsukuba parents. Are you planning on taking your kid(s) to Shrek3? It came out in the movie theaters last Saturday, so I figured that it’d be wise to wait until mid or late July to go watch this so I can avoid the crowds. Well, I was wrong.

Cineplex Tsukuba on Route 354 shows the English (or Japanese subtitled) version only once during the day and once at night, and they will completely stop showing the English version next Friday!! If you have kids who attend the Japanese public schools, then this weekend is the only chance for your kids to watch Shrek3 in English!

Shrek3 schedule at Cineplex Tsukuba
July 6 (today)
14:30 to 16:15 and 21:50 to 23:35*
July 7 (Sat) to 13 (Fri)
12:55 to 14:40 and 21:50 to 23:35*
comeplete schedule in Japanese
Due to the ordinance by Ibaraki Prefecture,
children under 18 are not allowed to enter movie theaters
and watch movies that end after 23:00
even if they are accompanied by their guardians.


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