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Parking at You World & Free Bus Service

If you haven’t been to Tsukuba You World in a while, you might be shocked to hear this: the parking there now cost you money.

There are still a lot of free parking spaces, but it’ll be nearly impossible to park in free parking spaces on weekends and sometimes even on weeknights. The parking will be free if you purchase something at Yamada Denki, but Cineplex Tsukuba won’t reimburse the parking fee. Summer “blockbuster season” has started, and Tsukuba You World gets even more crowded. If you are new to this area, stay away from Route 354 during the rush hour, especially around the opening day of a popular movie! (Tip: the opening of Harry Potter is July 20, but the advance screenings are held on July 14 to 16. )

If you live too far to get to the movie theater by bicycle, then you can ue their free bus service from Tsukuba Station.

You World Shuttle Bus Schedule
*** more services have been added on July 1, so please call 029-839-5555 (Japanese) to check the latest schedule! ***
Departing from Tsukuba Station*- 11:10AM/12:30PM
Departing from You World – 16:30PM/17:40PM/20:20PM
From Tsukuba Station – 11:10AM/12:30PM
From You World – 17:00PM/18:20PM/19:40PM/21:00PM
*I think by Tsukuba Station, they mean “Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal.”
Tsukuba You World website (Japanese)

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