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Noh mask exhibit

The Noh (能) mask exhibition is currently being held at Tsuchiura Machikado Kura Daitoku in Tsuchiura City. I have very little information on this event, but this exhibit is free and ends this Sunday. Machikado Kura Daitoku gallery is open from 10am to 5pm, 4pm on the last day.

Please visit the following sites if you want to learn more about Noh.
Noh Kyogen (Japanese/English)
Nohgaku Association (Japanese)
Noh (Japanese/English)
Noh, wikipedia (English)

I’d also like to let this blog readers know that you can now pick up the latest copy of Alien Times at Tsuchiura Machikado Kura Daitoku (土浦まちかど蔵 大徳).

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