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Events for Marine Day weekend

Mark your calendars!

The 3rd Monday of July is 海の日(うみのひ/Umi no hi) or Marine Day, one of the national holidays in Japan. Are you all ready for an upcoming 3-day weekend? This weekend is also the last weekend before many public schools’ summer break, so quite a lot of things will be happening this weekend!

July 14 (Sat.)
- Oda Gion Festival, central Oda area of Tsukuba City
- Mitsukaido Gion Festival in Joso City
- All six beaches in Hitachi City to open
- Ajigaura Beach in Hitachinaka City to open (the other beach won’t be open until 18th).
- Beaches in Ooarai Town to open*
*Please visit Ooarai Tourist Information Office page for “Guide for Safe Swimming.” )
- Ibaraki Nature Museum
The opening of “The 40th exhibition The Treasure Islands of the Kiwi and Kiwis “/ The special lectures on NZ in English
- Sanuma Sunbeach (swimming pool) in Shimotsuma opens
- Ikoino Mura Hinuma (swimming pool) in Hokota opens

July 15 (Sun.)
- Mitsukaido Gion Festival in Joso City
- A beach in Kita Ibaraki City to open
- Yuuki Summer Festival (from 15 to 22)
(The website was created by Yuuki City Ohayashi (traditional festival music) Preservation Association.)
- Isabu Gion Festival in Inashiki City
- Suigo Pool (big one by Kasumigaura Lake) in Tsuchiura opens
- Namiki Summer Festival in Tsukuba
- Akahama Music Festival 2007 *This is quite an int’l event.*

July 16(Mon.)
- 12th Oyogeru Kasumigaura Shimin Festival in Kasumigaura City
(“Swimmable” Kasumigaura Citizen’s Festival)
- Aquaworld Ooarai
Special admission rates for Marine Day
Adults 400yen off, Elementary and junior high school students 200yen off, Kids 3 and up 50yen off
- Ibaraki Nature Museum
Special events for Marine Day.
Make your own replica of a prehistric shark tooth/ meet “Doctor Fish”
- Ooarai Wakuwaku Kagaku-kan (science museum) admission will be free

I’ll be adding more events later.

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