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Events for Marine Day weekend

Mark your calendars!

The 3rd Monday of July is 海の日(うみのひ/Umi no hi) or Marine Day, one of the national holidays in Japan. Are you all ready for an upcoming 3-day weekend? This weekend is also the last weekend before many public schools’ summer break, so quite a lot of things will be happening this weekend!

July 14 (Sat.)
– Oda Gion Festival, central Oda area of Tsukuba City
Mitsukaido Gion Festival in Joso City
– All six beaches in Hitachi City to open
Ajigaura Beach in Hitachinaka City to open (the other beach won’t be open until 18th).
Beaches in Ooarai Town to open*
*Please visit Ooarai Tourist Information Office page for “Guide for Safe Swimming.” )
Ibaraki Nature Museum
The opening of “The 40th exhibition The Treasure Islands of the Kiwi and Kiwis “/ The special lectures on NZ in English
Sanuma Sunbeach (swimming pool) in Shimotsuma opens
Ikoino Mura Hinuma (swimming pool) in Hokota opens

July 15 (Sun.)
Mitsukaido Gion Festival in Joso City
– A beach in Kita Ibaraki City to open
Yuuki Summer Festival (from 15 to 22)
(The website was created by Yuuki City Ohayashi (traditional festival music) Preservation Association.)
Isabu Gion Festival in Inashiki City
Suigo Pool (big one by Kasumigaura Lake) in Tsuchiura opens
Namiki Summer Festival in Tsukuba
Akahama Music Festival 2007 *This is quite an int’l event.*

July 16(Mon.)
12th Oyogeru Kasumigaura Shimin Festival in Kasumigaura City
(“Swimmable” Kasumigaura Citizen’s Festival)
Aquaworld Ooarai
Special admission rates for Marine Day
Adults 400yen off, Elementary and junior high school students 200yen off, Kids 3 and up 50yen off
Ibaraki Nature Museum
Special events for Marine Day.
Make your own replica of a prehistric shark tooth/ meet “Doctor Fish”
Ooarai Wakuwaku Kagaku-kan (science museum) admission will be free

I’ll be adding more events later.

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