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Another Gigantic Shopping Mall

Does Tsukuba need another gigantic shopping mall? We already have Tsukuba Center (Q’t, Creo, Seibu, Jusco), Lala Garden, Gran Stage, and all sorts of stores in Sakura and on Route 354. However, the answer to this question, in some people’s minds anyway, seems to be a resounding YES.

The Tsukuba Shopping Center Project is bringing a new, as yet unnamed, mall to Tsukuba that is going to be 145,000m2, making it the largest shopping center in the northern Kanto region. It is going to be just north of Kenkyu Gakuen Station (on the west end of Kita Odori), making this quiet area of Tsukuba a rather bustling hub of activity. It will have stores, a movie theatre complex, a game center, and even community facilities in its 3 storey (plus parking levels) building. The parking areas will be able to hold 4150 cars and 1500 bicycles. They are expecting 12,000,000 people to visit this mall per year. The mall is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2008. Click on the link to see an image of what the completed mall might look like.


  • Ben Bullock says:

    Is this the area opposite Gran Stage Yamashin? They recently cut down a forest there so I guess something is going up.

  • Shaney says:

    Yes, the loss of that forest hurts. I just noticed it this past weekend. Very sad.

    I don’t know what they are planning on putting there. The new shopping center referred to in this article is not going to be there. It is going to be on the same street as Torisen, the bakery, and Kenkyu Gakuen Station, but on the opposite (north) side of the road.

  • Dan Waldhoff says:

    My long term guess is that Tsukuba will develop in that direction with or without a new mall. It would not even be considered without having some idea of future growth – a surrounding population supports a mall most effectively. There are also the “communities” at stops #3 and #4 on the TX Line which could easily commute and most likely by car.

    I’ll go out on the same limb I’ve been on since coming here … again. Tsukuba will eventually be the Seat of Government, the Capital, of Japan. That was, after all, the original plan in putting Tsukubua where it is.

  • Shaney says:

    It certainly seems to be heading in that sort of direction. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that come true in 20 years or so.