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Tsukuba to Run Experimental TsukuBus Services

Tsukuba City has announced the installation of “experimental” bus stops to TsukuBus Hokubu Shuttle (Route N) starting June 11 to see if this will decrease drunk driving. I don’t know where exactly the new bus stop at 松見公園北 (Matsumi Koen Kita/Matsumi Park North) will be, but they will be set up near the traffic light in front of Azuma Junior High (please see the city website below for the maps). The only services that will stop at these experimental bus stops are services #62 and #64, however.

New TsukuBus RouteDuring this test period, Route N #62 leaves Tsukuba Center at 21:50 and arrives at Matsumi Park North at 21:53pm, and #64 leaves Tsukuba Center at 22:10 and arrives at Matsumi at 22:13pm. The fare is 100 yen from Tsukuba Center to Matsumi Park North or from Matsumi Park North to Oho Chosha, 200yen from Matsumi Park North to Tsukuba Chosha, and 300yen from Matsumi Park North to the entrance to Mt. Tsukuba.

This test will run until December 31 of this year.

Tsukuba City website (Japanese)
TsukuBus Route N schedule in English (PDF, Thank you, KEK!)

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